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Graduate Degree in Music Therapy


What Our Program Offers You

Who is this program  for?

This program is designed for board certified music therapists (MT-BC) who wish to develop advanced knowledge and skills as clinicians.

What Our Students Learn/Skills you will acquire

The Master of Music in Music Therapy (MMT) program offers an integrated sequence of courses that prepare you for advanced clinical practice. By enriching students’ current clinical practice through a focus on resource development, as well as developing students’ clinical improvisation, receptive music skills and verbal skills for therapy, students gain new insights into their existing practices, along with new competencies and skills that deepen their practice. By offering courses that expand their knowledge of private practice, reimbursement, and billing, students learn about the business of music therapy, and in so doing, consider new settings and practices that meet their professional goals.

Research is integral to our Masters degree program. By offering research courses each semester, students build on their knowledge of the research literature, develop an understanding of different research methodologies, and apply these to individual and group research projects.

Like music therapy itself, our program emphasizes discovery, in which you learn more about yourself, your strengths, and areas for development. We place a strong emphasis on mentorship, and our advanced supervision opportunities provide you with the individual attention needed to deepen your understanding of yourself, music, and the therapeutic process.

What kind of issues/problems does this major prepare you to solve?

Clinical practice is an ever evolving, complex process, drawing upon your musical, clinical and interpersonal skills and understanding. This program broadens and deepens these skills, allowing you to see clients from multiple perspectives, developing new resources and approaches while doing so.

Additionally, students develop knowledge and skills to critically review and apply research, using this knowledge to develop novel research projects that inform their clinical work.

What makes our program unique?

  • Integrated, clinically focused 30-credit degree program
  • Weekend, retreat format, allowing you to continue working fulltime
  • Ranked in the top ten music therapy programs in the country by E-how.com 
  • Experienced, dedicated faculty – we have more than 30 years of combined clinical experience in a wide variety of clinical settings
  • Enriching, challenging, hands-on learning
  • Foundational skills for research
  • Two assistantships that provide you with financial support along with experience of working closely with faculty


For more information on our MMT program, or to arrange a campus visit, please contact Dr Tony Meadows PhD MT-BC, Director of Graduate Music Therapy Studies, at: (540) 665 4583 or ameadows2@su.edu


Course Requirements

Master of Arts in Music Therapy

Note: course requirements are being revised for Fall 2015; contact Tony Meadows for more information

CONR 601 Bibliography & Research (3) 
MUED 604 Educational Measurement (3) 
MUTH 604 Assessment and Evaluation in Music Therapy (3) 
MUTH 611 Contemporary Foundations of Music Therapy (2) 
MUTH 612 Dynamics of Music Therapy Intervention (2) 
MUTH 613 Interdisciplinary Approaches to Music Therapy (2) 
MUTH 614 Implementation and Administration of Music Therapy Practice (2) 
MUTH 621 Clinical Applications 1 (1) 
MUTH 622 Clinical Applications 2 (1) 
MUTH 623 Clinical Applications 3 (1) 
MUTH 624 Clinical Applications 4 (1) 
MUTH 591 Music Therapy and Competency Education (1) 
CONR 691/2/9 Demonstration Project/ Clinical Project/ Thesis (1) 
CONR 691/2/9 Demonstration Project/ Clinical Project/ Thesis (1) 
CONR 691/2/9 Demonstration Project/ Clinical Project/ Thesis (1) 
CONR 691/2/9 Demonstration Project/ Clinical Project/ Thesis (1)
Electives in Music 
(To include at least 2 credits in theory or literature. Maximum of 2 credits of ensemble) 
4 credits

(Select from clinical foundations, education (general or music), or business) 
3 credits